Falling in love with Japanese Food: My top 5 list!


Too many things to love about Japan and too many places to see and things to do! And one needs a full tummy to enjoy all these!

Let me tell you of the top 5 foods everyone must try while visiting Japan! I am no Michelin person but you can trust me when I say that eating these food pieces in Japan will give you a unique experience like you’ve never had before!

5. Gyūdon

Japanese food

This is sort of a typical “fast food” meal to people who forgot their lunch boxes. Matsuya and Sukiya are the most popular places to go to eat gyudon in case you need a quick but satisfying bite during your lunchbreak or after a long day at work or sight seeing.

Sukiya and Matsuya are 24 hours open so you can even grab a midnight snack.

4. Takoyaki


Eat it in Osaka where the best takoyakis are found! Eat it with a friend or alone, it doesnt matter.

Your ¥500 for a plate of 8 takoyaki balls will go a long way! You can find takoyaki stalls and restaurants aplenty in Dotonbori.

It is also the same place to look for Okonomiyaki, Sukiyaki and all sorts of “yaki” or grilled food!

3. Ra-men

Japanese noodle

Of course, Japan is famous for its ramen! Ramen symbolizes Japan and its way of living. And if you are a fan of anime, who can forget Naruto’s favorite food? Ramen!

Though we try to eat it in own countries, nothing compares to eating ramen in its native homeland. It doesnt matter where you eat in it in Japan though, ramen all around Japan tastes the same all over, delicious! But I found the most delicious in Osaka, the gastronomic capital of Japan!

2. Okonomiyaki

Japanese food

This is a Japanese savoury [[pancake]] containing a variety of ingredients. The name is derived from the word ”okonomi,” meaning “what you like” or “what you want”, and ”yaki” meaning “grilled” or “cooked” (cf. ”[[yakitori]]” and ”[[yakisoba]]”). (Wikipedia.org)

This dish is something you will fall in love with over and over again. Its variable flavor will make you want more of it. I went with a friend at a local restaurant and have had a special okonomiyaki. I have tasted both the seafood and the porl okonomiyaki and I am with my friend when she said she cant get enough of both.

Okonomiyaki will make you want for more. As may have been mentioned in different sources, it is said to have originated in Osaka. Again, you may find the best in Dotonbori (in Namba, Osaka) but you may also want to go to somewhere less frequented, so you may go to Nagoya or Kuwana Cify in Mie Ken to taste some of the best.

1. Sushi

Sushi Japan

Only in Japan will you see a sushi chef wearing a tie! Sophistication at its highest level. Well, at the least thats what I saw in one of the sushi restaurants in Tokyo, around the outer Fish Market in Tsukiji.

Yes this is where you can find the best sushi in Japan! Eat it in Tsukiji area in Tokyo and you will have the greatest sushi experience. Prices vary from one restaurant to another yet you will get value for your money.

The unwritten rules!

There are a lot of differences of eating etiquette in every country! In Japan, it is customary to say “itadaki masu” to mean that you are ready to receive the blessing of food before one begins eating.

And after each meal, the phrase “gochisou sama deshita” is used to express gratitude for the food that was served.

There is also a strict observamce in the use of chopsticks. Its a big NO to stick your chopsticks in your bowl. And while it is considered rude in other countries, it is ok to slurp in eating ramen and other noodles in Japan, the louder you slurp the ramen, the better it is as it means you are enjoying the food so much it serves as a complement to the chef.

Although Japan is becoming more and more open to tourists who may not share the same local values, it is important to respect and follow the local traditions of Japan. You will not only get an appreciating nod from the Japanese people, most importantly you are able to immerse yourself the culture in the best possible way.

Well. Enjoy!

Gochisou sama deshita!



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